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Hi, We are an Independent Avon Executive Sales Leader. We are currently looking for new people to join my team and become Avon Representatives and Avon Sales Leaders.

The AVON Representative Opportunity offers flexibility along with cash earnings.

The AVON brochures change every three weeks so your customers always have new offers and products to interest them. It is a hard copy and online version. Simply Show, Sell & Share the brochures with your Friends, Family, Work Colleagues or locally – it’s as simple as that.

Your potential earnings depend totally on what you wish to achieve and the time you have available. The more customers you have the more you earn, but all of this is with no up front targets (unless you choose to set them for yourself) and no boss, but yourself.

You can earn up 30% cash discount selling the products. Put simply as an example, earn £60 in cash by selling £200 of AVON products.

From the day you start, you will be given all the support, training and guidance both online and in person from me.



There is no cash to outlay. You are provided with everything you need to get started.  You will be able choose one of the 3 starters kit. Kit nr 1 (Avon brochures and stationary is free and is included in your joining fee of £15 ) the other kits with products are £30 and £90.
With all the starter nr 2 or 3 you will receive free starter nr 1 as well.
Starter nr 2 is only £30 but is worth £90.
Starter nr 3 cost £90 but is worth it £270.

Your first 2 campaigns of brochures are supplied – for FREE – complete with order forms, calling book and training support.

So you’ll not have to find the money upfront out of your own pocket.

From your 3rd brochure onward, you simply order as many brochures as you need – but these are only a few pence each and the more you order, the cheaper they get. Your on-time delivery (orders over £15) and internet site are all FREE.
I would love you to join my team, either as a customer or a Avon Representative or even Sales Leader. I will give you the support and training you will need. You will also have unlimited access to the training room online which has everything you need to learn.

What are you waiting for?

At no obligation, request some information today – or even better, apply to join AVON online and become part of the best direct sales company in the world.
Fill-up form now: prp.uk.avon.com/representative

Become an Avon Representative

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Become an Avon Rep, Become a Leader and reach to Greatness

Become and Avon Leader

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Become an Avon Leader

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